The ROTATEX™ G800 AL55C complex comprises a glass laid scrim affixed to a PET/ALU/PET triplex film.
The glass laid scrim offers high mechanical strength and high dimensional stability, ideal for the production of self-adhesive and resistant vapor barrier membranes for applications in harsh conditions. The quality of the triplex film provides highly effective vapor permeability values that are stable over time, as well as excellent resistance to delamination.
The adhesive developed for this complex prevents any delamination of the laid scrim during membrane production, thus making very high production speeds possible.
The minimal thickness of ROTATEX™ G800 AL55C serves to reduce consumption of self-adhesive bitumen and to control membrane thickness.

Related Solution(s)

Related Brand(s): 

Related Market(s):  ROOFING

Application(s):  Bituminous membranes


Scrim Material(s):  Glass

Mater(s) Nonwoven / Foil Aluminium Polyester

Coating SB


Total Weight 110 gsm

Yarn 68 tex

Mesh size 3.3 X 3.3 mm

Yarn count 3 X 3 ends/cm


Minimum Tensile Strength 800 X 800 N/5cm


Width Standard / Maximum:  100 / 155 cm


  • Good mechanical strength (ease of use and no breakage on production lines, resistance during installation on worksites)
  • No delamination between the laid scrim and film, for quick and easy production
  • Constant and low vapor permeability
  • Minimal and constant thickness for low bitumen consumption
  • Quality control of the triplex film, to prevent delamination over time

Brand(s) Benefit(s)

The ROTATEX range offers:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to alkaline corrosion
  • Resistance to delamination
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Tear resistance
  • Minimal capillary rise
  • Minimal thickness
  • Compatible with various media/substrates
  • Modularity (various versions with different densities and types of thread)
  • Bonding agents developed in-house and adaptable to your product requirements