In order to reduce construction site labor costs, the building industry is developing precast construction elements. These structural or aesthetic elements must be as light as possible while also meeting industry requirements in terms of performance, service life and appearance. Finding the right balance is difficult, and the future trend is to turn to increasingly lighter materials.

CHOMARAT is one of the founding members of the AltusGroup, which federates 13 North American prefab companies. This partnership was created to develop, manufacture and market innovations in the field of concrete. Their CarbonCast® system reinforced by C-GRID®, a reinforcement made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin, is ideal for the construction of precast panels, cladding and double-T doors for garages.

C-GRID® is an innovation of CHOMARAT Group.

Precast concrete

The precast concrete market is one of the dominant end use segments for C-GRID® composite reinforcement use.

Current applications include high performance insulated sandwich wall panels (iwp), architectural cladding, double-tees (both field and factory top), housing products, roof elements, mechanical stabilized earth walls, sound walls, floating docks and piers, marine products, precast piles, pipe and a whole host of novel structural precast uses and possibilities.

The primary benefit for using C-GRID® in precast lies in its inherent non-corrosive nature, high tensile strength and ease of use. C-GRID® can eliminate the need for concrete cover in many applications making precast elements lighter, stronger and thinner. As continuous reinforcement with tight aperature spacing construction, C-GRID® provides exceptional crack control properties to concrete structures compared versus rebar, welded wire mesh and short synthetic fibers commonly used for temperature shrinkage control.

Decorative concrete

In recent years, concrete has become increasingly popular as an element of interior or exterior design. Indeed, home designers and young homeowners alike can create their own decorative concrete pieces combining longevity, fashion, form and functionality. Decorative concrete has led to new and exciting ideas with surfaces and textures available in a variety of shades ranging from traditional tones to rich and vibrant. C-GRID® can be used for multiple applications such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, tabletops, sinks, bar counters, fireplaces, walls and partitions.

As a structural concrete reinforcement, C-GRID® acts as a life insurance policy for crack control and ductility enhancement for many artisan and creative décor concrete structures.


Renovating a civil engineering structure is both complex and expensive; thus, the protection or external renovation of concrete structures becomes necessary.

The advantages of composite materials for reinforcing concrete structures are well known. Lighter and stronger than steel, they are also easy and fast to use. This gives them a clear edge over traditional methods when repairing or increasing the resistance of concrete structures.

CHOMARAT offers solutions (fabrics or grids) suitable for all applications (bridges, beams, pillars, slabs, walls, etc.) that increase the strength and stability of traditional building materials.

CHOMARAT carbon fiber UD reinforcements are intended for the external repair of concrete structures. In addition to their low density and high strength (compared to steel), they are cost-effective, fast and easy-to-use in repairing or increasing the resistance of concrete structures. Used in reinforcing pillars, beams, slabs or walls,  our carbon fiber UD reinforcements extend the service life of concrete structures by stopping cracking, and improving impact resistance.

C-GRID™ is an epoxy carbon grid. Light, non-corrosive and resistant, it has been specially designed for the internal reinforcement of concrete. C-GRID™ can be used instead of, or in addition to, welded wire meshes. C-GRID™ can be placed just underneath the finished surface; this gives it a significant advantage over steel where several centimeters of concrete are needed to protect the steel from corrosion and prevent rust stains.

The C-GRID™ carbon structure has been designed to improve the durability and reduce the weight of concrete structures in various applications such as pillars, parks, swimming pools, pavements, parking lots and constructions.


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