ROADTEX™ WG205 G9R is a glass grid specially constructed to provide good tensile strength and tear resistance. The diameter of the threads is selected so as to produce a grid with considerable flexibility, without any impact on mechanical properties.
The specially designed bonding agent, which is compatible with bituminous coatings, contributes to the flexibility of the grid and offers excellent resistance to temperature and aging.
This product is designed to delay the advent of sinking and cracks in high-traffic road surfaces.

The load resulting from the passage of vehicles is borne by the grid and distributed so as to avoid the accumulation of force that results in sinking and cracks.
Numerous tests, as well as use at worksites that have been monitored over the years, have shown that the service life of roadways built in difficult environments is extended through the use of this product.

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Related Market(s):  ROAD

Application(s):  Road


Scrim Material(s):  Glass

Coating SB


Total Weight 170 gsm

Yarn 640 X 600 tex

Mesh size 10 X 10 mm

Yarn count 1 X 1 ends/cm


Minimum Tensile Strength 1750 X 1750 N/5cm


Width Standard / Maximum:  100 / 300 cm


  • Tensile strength of 35 kN/m
  • Compatible with all coatings
  • Temperature resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible and supple
  • Prevents sinking of the roadway
  • Prevents cracks

Brand(s) Benefit(s)

  • Glass fiber has a high modulus of elasticity (70000Mpa)
  • Large mesh
  • Temperature resistant
  • Compatible with asphalt