Contemporary building materials must be able to adapt to all environments: industrial, domestic, public, all with very different constraints. They are expected to combine strength and quality, while simultaneously delivering new features such as energy savings, heat or sound insulation, fire resistance and compliance with new environmental standards.

The grids designed by CHOMARAT can be used to manufacture gypsum boards or cement boards that are both lighter and stronger. They meet the requirements of the biggest firms in the building materials sector. Indeed, our reinforcements have been used in several prestigious buildings such as the Allianz Arena Stadium in Munich or Venetian Resort Macau (one of the biggest casinos in Macao).

And, by combining grids with nonwovens, CHOMARAT can meet aesthetic requirements, in addition to delivering top levels of performance.

Cement Boards

Cement boards used in the very humid environments must be both efficient and economical. By adding a fiberglass grid to the cement board, we enhance the characteristics of these materials by delivering:

  • Excellent resistance to micro-cracking
  • Long-lasting mechanical performances, thanks to excellent protection against alkaline attacks
  • High-impact resistance

These high levels of performance are delivered thanks to the unique processes we use to manufacture our grids, which enables a full protection of the glass yarn.

Gypsum Boards

Most dividing walls or wall lining in buidings consist of gypsum boards.

Various types of gypsum board are available on the market. Chosen according to the envisaged application, they deliver various properties (fire resistance, impact resistance, acoustic protection, humidity).

The performance levels of grids manufactured by CHOMARAT are widely appreciated for two types of applications:

  • Our grids are integrated with the panel cladding to deliver very high mechanical performances;
  • Reinforcements: inside the board, whenever additional impact resistance is required.



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