A unique carbon and epoxy grid product to reinforce concrete structures.

C-GRID® can be used instead of, or in addition to, welded wire meshes. C-GRID™ can be placed just underneath the finished surface; this gives it a significant advantage over steel where several centimeters of concrete are needed to protect the steel from corrosion and prevent rust stains.

The C-GRID® carbon structure has been designed to improve the durability and reduce the weight of concrete structures in various applications such as pillars, parks, swimming pools, pavements, parking lots and constructions.

C-GRID® brings an impressive performance and value proposition to construction professionals.


CHOMARAT is a founding member of AltusGroup, the first-ever North American partnership of thirteen precast companies founded to develop, manufacture and market innovations in concrete. Their breakthrough C-GRID® carbon fiber grid reinforced CarbonCast® enclosure systems are ideal for precast walls and cladding in addition to double tees for precast parking garages.


  • Lightweight reinforcement
  • Stronger than steel by weight
  • non-corrosive
  • enhances concrete strength and durability
  • Improves thermal performance
  • Improves sustainability

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